Compelling people, current topics, practical tips, and innovative solutions.

Education is a dynamic field, constantly adapting to maximize student success.  At the Ayers Institute we're always looking for inspiring educators, instructional strategies, and leadership methods that are making a difference in classrooms and communities.  Join us on a quest to find the best in education: compelling people, current topics, practical tips, and innovative solutions.  We'll ask timely questions as we seek information and inspiration from people who are doing great work in education.

The Ayers All Access podcast is brought to you by the Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation at Lipscomb University's College of Education.

Program Episodes

7: My Why with Morgan Rankin - 2022 Tennessee Teacher of the Year

Hear what inspires the 2022 'Tennessee Teacher of the Year' to look for each child’s potential and to help form them into great adults and citizens. “Teaching is shaping what might be.”

Each "My Why" episode uncovers the journey of one educator: a teacher or leader who has chosen to devote his or her life to the education profession. Each story is different, yet each is an exploration of motivation, purpose, and hope.

Publication Date: 
7 months 1 week ago

6: On The Road #2 - Pride

All across the state of Tennessee, Rachael and Karen have noticed the pride that we take in our schools.

We have recently visited school districts all across the state of Tennessee and it is so encouraging to see school pride displayed within the schools and around their communities. Expressions of pride range from displaying school colors, to creating inviting environments, to displaying student work. This episode includes stories from our travels. Join us in thinking about the positive impact of having a positive self-identity about our schools and our students, teachers, and leaders.

Publication Date: 
7 months 2 weeks ago

5: AMA - edTPA (assessment) #1

"Ask Me Anything" focused on the edTPA (the “educative” Teacher Performance Assessment) with Dr. Karen Marklein.

For this "Ask Me Anything" episode, we will be talking with Dr. Karen Marklein, Director of Programs for the Ayers Institute and Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Lipscomb University.  edTPA® is a digital portfolio that teaching candidates compile during one semester of their certification journey.

Publication Date: 
8 months 2 weeks ago

4: Finding 30 Extra Minutes in Every School Day

Automation, preparation, and communication. Three ways to redirect your time towards instruction and students.

This “Always Learning” episode of the Ayers All Access podcast focuses on using technology to make us more efficient and effective educators.  Dr. Ronda Blevins, an Assistant Professor of Education at Carson-Newman University shares practical tips for redirecting your time toward instruction and students: automating processes, prepared learning supports, and communicating using technology.

Publication Date: 
9 months 2 days ago

3: On The Road #1 - Hospitality

All across the state of Tennessee, Rachael and Karen have encountered the hospitality of educators.

In the last few weeks, we have visited school districts from the furthest East Tennessee to the furthest West Tennessee. From open doors, to travel accommodations, to a very "special guest" boxed lunch: there have been so many examples of the kindness and hospitality of educators! It's part of who we are as teachers, leaders, and community members. And if we're seeing it in our interactions, we have confidence that hospitality is also happening inside classrooms– welcoming students into safe and brave spaces for learning and growth!

Publication Date: 
9 months 1 week ago

2: AMA - Social Studies #1

"Ask Me Anything" focused on social studies teaching with Dr. Rachael Milligan.

For this "Ask Me Anything" episode, we will be talking with Dr. Rachael Milligan, Assistant Dean for Program Innovation for the Lipscomb College of Education and the Director of the Ayers Institute.  Rachael currently teaches the Social Studies methods course at Lipscomb University and she is a former middle-school social studies teacher who is passionate about the importance of the content area.  We've gathered some questions and Rachael has not seen them in advance, so there will be some surprises.

Publication Date: 
10 months 11 hours ago

1: Welcome to Ayers All Access

Inaugural episode of the Ayers All Access podcast. What to expect. Meet the team.

Welcome to this inaugural episode of the Ayers All Access podcast. Great things are coming in the days and weeks ahead. With this new program, we're going to share really practical information and we're going to have a lot of fun. Today, we want to take a few minutes to let you know what you can expect on "All Access" and to introduce you to the team and the Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation. If you're involved or interested in education, this is the place and your podcast.

Publication Date: 
10 months 1 week ago