Online Professional Learning

Podcasts are a convenient way to expand your knowledge and extend your personal learning network. Whether you listen while on-the-go or while at your computer, a podcast can bring expert voices and meaningful information straight to you.


Our podcast offerings:

Ayers All Access

Education is a dynamic field, constantly adapting to maximize student success.  At the Ayers Institute we're always looking for inspiring educators, instructional strategies, and leadership methods that are making a difference in...

Ayers Lunch & Learn Podcast

Educators know learning is a lifelong pursuit. The Ayers Institute Lunch & Learn podcast provides bite-sized portions of professional learning. You will hear from experienced educators and experts in the field about innovative ideas, proven best practices, and valuable academic...

My Why

Each episode of "My Why" uncovers the journey of one educator: a teacher or leader who has chosen to devote his or her life to the education profession. Each story is different, yet each is an exploration of motivation, purpose, and hope. A professional learning guide is provided with each...


Professional learning podcasts are designed to support your growth and success. Spread the word about these resources! Remember that podcasts can be powerful individual learning or can be used within your Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Professional Learning Network (PLN).