We have recently visited school districts all across the state of Tennessee and it is so encouraging to see school pride displayed within the schools and around their communities. Expressions of pride range from displaying school colors, to creating inviting environments, to displaying student work. This episode includes stories from our travels. Join us in thinking about the positive impact of having a positive self-identity about our schools and our students, teachers, and leaders.

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04/11/2022 - 2:40pm
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Rachael Milligan and Karen Marklein have been "on the road" as part of the work of the Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation: supporting teachers and leaders in improving student outcomes through proven professional learning and to incubating innovative instructional ideas and resources. Please reach out with any questions about Ayers Institute resources and partnerships.


What do we mean by "pride" in the context of school pride?

Pride is more than a comparison of myself to others. It's really more about positive self-identity. When a community is really proud of their school, it means "I'm happy to say I go there", "I'll work there," because I have a positive feeling about being connected to that community. The educators, the leaders, the students have locked arms together in in this work. They are all moving forward together. The entire community is having that feeling of camaraderie. And that positive feeling binds us together. It is a family feel when you have pride in your school as a student or as an educator.
—Rachael Milligan & Karen Marklein


"Comparison is the thief of joy."
—Theodore Roosevelt

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