What change would occur in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our lives if we truly shifted our mindset to love everyone, always? Even when it's most difficult. That is the challenge and encouragement set before us by author Bob Goff in the book "Everyone, Always." In this 'favored book' episode, Dr. Andrea Pewitt, Program Director for the IDEAL program at Lipscomb University, shares why she chose this book and how it has made a positive impact on her work with students and parents.

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06/30/2022 - 3:42pm
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Learn more about the Lipscomb IDEAL program - "Igniting the Dream of Education and Access at Lipscomb"


  • BobGoff.com – Book author's website.

  • LoveDoes.org – Charitable organization founded by Bob Goff that focuses on improving human rights, caring for the vulnerable, and providing education in conflict zones.

"We are called to love everyone, regardless of who they are, because they were created by God. Created in his image. And we have to look past the exterior and get to know people and love people; even when it's hard. When there are challenging students or there are challenging parents that everyone has to deal with, we have to dig a little deeper and find out what it is that causes the concern or the issues. And then, try to start from there and work the way back up. Kind of the iceberg effect: looking 'below the surface' and going from there."
—Dr. Andrea Pewitt

"Bob Goff talks about telling people 'who they are' and not 'what it is you want them to be.' I think with students, especially, we remind students who they are. That they are children of– they're created from– God. Especially the young adults that I work with in this population that may have a disability, but that's not who they are. They are more than that! I think reminding myself and others that we are more than the outside is really a big takeaway"
—Dr. Andrea Pewitt

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