Connections are where learning starts. Students are able to learn when they feel comfortable, valued, and that their needs are met. Do you ask your students, “Who is your in the school?” Who can they go to when they're having a bad day? This episode features a real-life story from Mandi Hill, a middle-school English Teacher from Memphis, Tennessee.

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12/20/2022 - 4:00pm
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Ms. Mandi Hill is an 8th-grade English Teacher at St. George's Independent School in Memphis, Tennessee.


One of the cornerstones of this school is the emphasis on the connections that we have with each other. Connections that make kids feel comfortable going to adults. “Who is your person? Who is your person in the school?” That's one of the things that we talk about frequently. When you're having a bad day, who is it that you can go to? So it's important, everywhere, that kids have a person in their school that they can go to. So, connections. Absolutely. That's where learning starts. You're going to be able to learn when you feel comfortable and valued and all of your needs are met. And that's where that's where the real learning is.
–Mandi Hill

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