What is a Podcast

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A podcast is an audio or video program with a series of episodes that are distributed over the internet as digital media files. The user can "subscribe" to a podcast so that new episodes are automatically downloaded to the user's computer or portable media player.


The word "podcast" is a combination of the name of a popular media player and the word "broadcast" because it relates to the distribution of audio/video program content. However, a podcast is NOT restricted to use on Apple iPod products! You can listen to a podcast using a desktop computer, a laptop, many portable music players, and most mobile phones. (See "How to Use a Podcast" for more details.)

What to Expect

Many podcasts are similar in style to radio programs, but they are not received through an AM/FM radio. Distribution through the internet allows a podcast producer to focus on narrow topics that will be of interest to very specific audiences. A podcast is a recorded program (not a live broadcast / stream) so that the listener can save it to their media player and listen to anywhere and anytime. Podcasts often have loyal audiences and encourage audience interaction using social media and e-mail messaging.

Learn More

Here are some links with more information about the meaning and history of podcasting.

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