Podcast programs

Ayers Institute Lunch & Learn (A.L.L.) podcast

The "Lunch & Learn" podcast from the Ayers Institute provides bite-sized portions of professional learning. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long, focuses on a topic that is relevant to professional educators and concludes with a prompt to generate discussion within your community of practice.

"My Why" - stories of inspiration from educators

Each episode of "My Why" uncovers the journey of one educator: a teacher or leader who has chosen to devote his or her life to the education profession. Each story is different, yet each is an exploration of motivation, purpose, and hope.

Recent episodes

School Budgeting with Students in Mind

Jul. 19, 2019 — Lunch & Learn

Examine the process for determining a school's most important needs in order to establish a functional and effective school budget.
Duration: 15:59 min. | File size: 9.72 MB

What Teachers Need to Know About Teens & Social Media

May. 24, 2019 — Lunch & Learn

Ways to help teachers understand teen use of social media and how to have a positive impact through education and awareness.
Duration: 19:32 min. | File size: 10.92 MB

My Why with Greg O'Loughlin

Jul. 19, 2019 — My Why

Explore the motivation behind Mr. Greg O'Loughlin's drive to foster student engagement and teacher collaboration. "Teaching increases our capacity for empathy."
Duration: 9:59 min. | File size: 9.25 MB

My Why with Steve Lindsey

May. 13, 2019 — My Why

Explore the motivation behind Mr. Steve Lindsey's desire to seek and attain his daily purpose. "Pray daily and follow God's plan."
Duration: 12:18 min. | File size: 11.03 MB