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Education is a dynamic field, constantly adapting to maximize student success.  At the Ayers Institute we're always looking for inspiring educators, instructional strategies, and leadership methods that are making a difference in classrooms and communities.  Join us on a quest to find the best in education: compelling people, current topics, practical tips, and innovative solutions.  We'll ask timely questions as we seek information and inspiration from people who are doing great work in education.

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Program Episodes

17: Spotlight - Innovative Pathways to Teacher Certification - Part 1

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System is succeeding with an innovative pathway to certification that is filling teacher openings with well-prepared candidates and supporting them as they make a positive impact on students.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (Tennessee, USA) offers an innovative "Grow Your Own" pathway for helping residents obtain certification and become classroom teachers within the school district. Hear from Ms. Lisa Baker, Director of Federal Programs in Clarksville-Montgomery, and Dr. Vanessa Garcia, Senior Director of Partnerships at Lipscomb University, about design of these innovations in the area of teacher certification and support.

Publication Date: 
6 days 9 hours ago

16: My Why with Candice McQueen - President, Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University’s 18th president, Dr. Candice McQueen, has career experience ranging from the 5th grade classroom, to the head of a teacher prep program, to the halls of state government. Learn abou her motivation: "Whatever my title is, I teach."

Each "My Why" episode uncovers the journey of one educator: a teacher or leader who has chosen to devote his or her life to the education profession. Each story is different, yet each is an exploration of motivation, purpose, and hope.

Publication Date: 
3 weeks 2 days ago

15: My Why with Leslie Cowell - Dean, Lipscomb University College of Education

Lipscomb's new Dean of the College of Education has experience across the span from PreK all the way through higher education. Hear her journey and why she finds education to be a rewarding and meaningful career. "For the Lord, not for man."

Each "My Why" episode uncovers the journey of one educator: a teacher or leader who has chosen to devote his or her life to the education profession. Each story is different, yet each is an exploration of motivation, purpose, and hope.

Publication Date: 
1 month 1 day ago

14: Professional Learning that Results in Teacher Ownership of Learning

Dr. Rachael Milligan and Dr. Karen Marklein discuss the keys to adult learning with a focus on helping teachers take ownership of their professional learning.

So much attention has been devoted to student ownership of learning and we know that that's very important. We would also assert the importance of planning for professional learning with teacher ownership of their own learning in mind. This episode highlights some practical and time-proven techniques for effective planning and facilitation of professional learning within the PreK-12 environment.

Publication Date: 
3 months 15 hours ago

13: Favored Book - Talk to Me

Dr. Andrea Pewitt highlights the message and impact of the book "Talk to Me" by author Kim Bearden.

We’ve all experienced conversations that escalate quickly and fail to produce understanding or solutions. How can teachers, school leaders, and parents do a better job of communicating in both written and verbal conversations? Author and education leader Kim Bearden shares her insights in the book “Talk to Me: Finding the right words to inspire, encourage and get things done.” In this 'favored book' episode, Dr. Andrea Pewitt, Director of Academic Innovation and Strategy at Clarksville Christian School, shares why she chose this book and how it has made a positive impact on her career.

Publication Date: 
3 months 1 week ago

12: Spotlight - Character Education as the Missing Piece

Character education is the work schools can do to foster the creation of positive impressions or imprints within the personalities of their students. Students of character can go forward to have flourishing, successful lives beyond school.

Hank Staggs, Director of Accelerating Character Education Development at the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), joins us to discuss "Character Education": what it is, why it's important, and how you can start integrating character eduction into what is already happening in your school.  With the modern emphasis on increasing academic success, we should also remember the importance of building character, morals, social living, and civics. Those things enable us to reach our full potential as humans in society.

Publication Date: 
4 months 5 days ago

11: Spotlight - Differentiation for High-Potential Students

Differentiation doesn't mean reinventing the wheel or creating different learning activities for each student group. It can involve existing activities and providing stretch prompts or scaffolding so that all students are challenged to achieve growth.

Emily Mofield, author of "Vertical Differentiation for Gifted Advanced and High-Potential Students" shares 3 instructional strategies that can be used to "bump up" the rigor and the challenge within educational activities. Dr. Mofield is an Assistant Professor of Education at Lipscomb University where she co-leads the graduate program in Gifted & Advanced Academics and teaches in the doctoral program. Previously in her career, Dr. Mofield has served as a middle-school teacher and a district leader in Gifted Education.

Publication Date: 
4 months 2 weeks ago

10: Favored Book - Everyone Always

Dr. Andrea Pewitt highlights the message and impact of the book "Everybody, Always" by author Bob Goff.

What change would occur in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our lives if we truly shifted our mindset to love everyone, always? Even when it's most difficult. That is the challenge and encouragement set before us by author Bob Goff in the book "Everyone, Always." In this 'favored book' episode, Dr. Andrea Pewitt, Program Director for the IDEAL program at Lipscomb University, shares why she chose this book and how it has made a positive impact on her work with students and parents.

Publication Date: 
5 months 9 hours ago

9: AMA - Coaching #1

What is coaching? Who is coaching for? How do you prepare to become an effective coach? And how do you base coaching on a strengths-based model? All of these are important questions and are included in this episode of the Ayers All Access podcast.

We’ve gathered questions from current teachers and leaders from all across the state of Tennessee for this "Ask Me Anything" episode about coaching. We will be posing your questions to Dr. Karen Marklein, an experienced educator and coach who is currently serving as the Director of Programs for the Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation at Lipscomb University’s College of Education.

Publication Date: 
5 months 2 weeks ago

8: School Stories - The Humanity in Educators

It's important to see the humanity in each other. Teachers, leaders, and students all have things going on in their own lives. When we have fun, laugh, and enjoy school, we can also be supporting one another in very important ways!

Joy, love, kindness, and empathy are so important in our school buildings and within our school communities. It's also important to remember that teachers need to be upheld as valuable assets within those communities and that each teacher is an individual on a personal and professional journey. This episode features some real-world school stories from Dr. Lance Forman that focus on "the humanity in educators."

Publication Date: 
6 months 1 week ago