6: On The Road #2 - Pride

All across the state of Tennessee, Rachael and Karen have noticed the pride that we take in our schools.

We have recently visited school districts all across the state of Tennessee and it is so encouraging to see school pride displayed within the schools and around their communities. Expressions of pride range from displaying school colors, to creating inviting environments, to displaying student work. This episode includes stories from our travels. Join us in thinking about the positive impact of having a positive self-identity about our schools and our students, teachers, and leaders.

Publication Date: 
1 year 7 months ago

3: On The Road #1 - Hospitality

All across the state of Tennessee, Rachael and Karen have encountered the hospitality of educators.

In the last few weeks, we have visited school districts from the furthest East Tennessee to the furthest West Tennessee. From open doors, to travel accommodations, to a very "special guest" boxed lunch: there have been so many examples of the kindness and hospitality of educators! It's part of who we are as teachers, leaders, and community members. And if we're seeing it in our interactions, we have confidence that hospitality is also happening inside classrooms– welcoming students into safe and brave spaces for learning and growth!

Publication Date: 
1 year 9 months ago